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25 Days of Christmas

30 Nov

You will soon find out that I love Christmas and the month of December. I have always known there is something magical about this time of year. The snow falling, the Christmas music, the decorations and Christmas events.
Once I became a mother. I realized everything I thought was magical about Christmas, was more magical than I could have ever imagined when I saw it through my sons eyes.
I wanted to start a new tradition this year to celebrate every day of the season. So I went to work and started seaching on Pinterest.
I came across a post about a Christmas Bucket and new it was the perfect project! Bugg loves to open presents and although this gives him a lot of things to open, most of them are things we already have on hand or something small to introduce a Christmas activity! It was very hard to decide what to do  and on what day, especially since plans change this time of year, sometimes without notice. But once I did, putting together was easy.
I can’t wait to see Bugg’s reaction in the morning!


Day 1. Chocolate advent calendar
Day 2. New Christmas book with a note about Mommy’s Christmas Party 
Day 3. Foam Tree craft 
Day 4. Stickers and stamps to write a letter to Santa
Day 5. Book about finding a Tree and a note that we are getting a tree
Day 6. Cookie Cutters to make clay ornament
Day 7. Our tree topper and a note to decorate the tree
Day 8. A new book and a note about Daddy’s Christmas Party
Day 9. Craft day- wooden decoration
Day 10. Personalized kid apron and note to make cupcakes with Mommy
Day 11. New homemade red and green play dough
Day 12. 12 Days of Christmas book
Day 13. Hot chocolate to celebrate Hot Chocolate Day!
Day 14. Christmas movies for marathon
Day 15. Supplies to make grandparent gift
Day 16. Santa ornament craft and a note to go to mall to see Santa
Day 17. Ginger bread house cookie cutters
Day 18. Foam craft kit
Day 19. Note to look at lights and ceramic ornament to make thumb print light ornament
Day 20. New game and a note about game night
Day 21. New coloring book
Day 22. Oats and a note to make reindeer food
Day 23. New sprinkle kit and note to Decorate cookies
Day 24. Night before Christmas book
Day 25. Donut cutter and Grandmas donut recipie


Kicking off the Christmas Season

30 Nov


Tonight we joined some friends for thr 31st annual tree lighting in Kennebunkport. Prelude in Kennebunkport is a big deal for tourist and locals alike. There is shopping, the tree lighting, Santa comes in on a lobster boat and takes a picture with every child, wagon rides and the week long celebration ends with fire works! Merry Christmas!


"While we try to teach our children about life, Our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt