Missing posts

21 May

When my VERY few readers told me they hadn’t seen me post anything in a while… I realized a ton of my posts have not been actually publishing… they may come through eventually! 🙂


Yes, it was a date…

20 Apr

and a great one at that! Enough said! 🙂

A Date?

20 Apr

Tonight I am going to meet a long lost friend for pizza and a movie! I’m not quite sure if it is a date. Then again… I don’t know if I remember what a date is!

30 Day Cleaning Challenge Day 8: Clean the Floors

8 Apr


I’m still following along with Money Saving Mom’s 30 day cleaning challenege, but since I’m leaving the house now and wont be back for 12 hours I just swept all the floors quickly!


It’s Autumn!

7 Apr


Or atleast Bugg thought it was while he was jumping in the leaves and running through the leaf blower for hours!
We did some major leaf clean up with help from Grandma!


It’s a work in progress!
We still have a lot more to do because the people that own the house didn’t get to it last year

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday!


Exciting… NOT!

6 Apr

You know it’s an exciting Friday night when you get home from work at 10:45pm and you have to be back at the office in 10 hours! I can’t decide if I should sleep or fold some laundry. Bugg is with his Dad tonight so I can actually make noise and get something done in the bedroom closet at night.

Dishwasher Cleaning

5 Apr

I promised last week to tell you about my cleaning trick I discovered. It is how to clean your dishwasher. I know to some it may sound crazy to clean something you clean with… but you clean your sponges, so why wouldn’t you clean your dishwasher?
I found a few different ideas on Pinterest, didn’t Pin a single one, but came up with the best plan.

First I put a cup of vinegar on the top shelf of my empty dishwasher and ran the dishwasher on hot


Next I sprikled baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and ran it through another cycle


The result: a clean dishwasher!




"While we try to teach our children about life, Our children teach us what life is all about." ~Angela Schwindt